The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz | Book Review


This novel is the fourth installment of the Millenium series, originally written by Stieg Larsson. As Larson passed away from a heart attack in 2004, the series was, until now, unfinished. David Lagercrantz was, controversially, hired by Larsson’s brother and father to complete the series with The Girl In The Spider's Web. I part read, part listened to the audiobook and partly did both simultaneously. I wanted to get a full grasp of it as compared to the others, since I listened to the previous three novels. I also get caught up when reading Swedish names and places, so listening helps with that too.

The Girl In The Spider's Web |

Admittedly I could tell this novel had a different author to the others. There were slight areas that Larsson would have developed further than this book did and made certain areas much more suspenseful. However, I feel like that was exacerbated by having a different translator and a different narrator for the audiobook. There was different words used that probably have multiple meanings when transalated to English with colloquialisms and everything, but the narrator also sounded older and while saying things that were obviously meant to be quite cool and calm, he didn’t quite pull them off.

All that aside, I did enjoy it. I liked the character development, especially of the new or smaller characters from past books. The plot was good, and I think this was a great final book for the series. It all wound up quite nicely, possibly too nicely, so doesn’t leave room for much occurring afterwards.

I do find it interesting though that Larsson’s partner has a copy of an unfinished fourth manuscript, that wasn’t used to influence this book in any way, so it’s an entirely new creation, not Larsson’s plot that was developed by Lagercrantz. I would actually love to read that manuscript to see what Larsson thought was coming next in the world of his own creation.

If you loved the rest of this series, I highly recommend reading this, regardless of your thoughts on whether another author should finish the series. If you’ve never read this series at all, I recommend you make a start soon.


Thanks to Hachette NZ for sending me this copy for review.

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