Origins Active Charcoal Mask | Review


Active charcoal can be great at getting oil out of your skin and freshens it up. This is a mask that I have actually had to learn how to use. If I leave it on too long, my skin is parched and red. If I don't use it though, I find my pores become quite blocked. There isn't actually a guide on the instructions on how long to use it for, but I find 5 - 8 minutes is good for me. Any longer and I look like I've been out in the sun. I have quite sensitive skin though. This does make it a super quick one to use. I can put it on, sort out my outfit for after my shower, then jump in the shower and wash it off.


Charcoal Mask |


I find it gets all the gunk out and brings everything to the surface. This does mean that if I have something on the next night, I might not use it. My skin feels clean, fresh and clear. It does however leave a slight film on your skin, so I like to use an exfoliating cleanser to get rid of everything. Not much, just enough to get it scrubbed off my face.

If you are looking at some of the more expensive charcoal masks, I'd recommend this one. It's a little more affordable, but is great for me. It may be a good entry mask. I actually use very little as well. To the point where I'm trying to use it up before it expires. And it has a 24 month recommendation on it. So it's not a lump sum and only last 2 months kind of a mask.

Do you have any go to skincare when your skin is feeling clogged?

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