A Game for All The Family by Sophie Hannah | Book Review


A Game For All The Family Book Review | EmmaLouisa.com I really enjoyed the journey that was this book. It had a great storyline, interesting characters and a surprising plot twist. It is set around a family who moves to a new small town and begins to receive threatening phone calls from someone who seems to know things about them.

I thought each of the characters had their own mystery. I was second guessing all the way through because I couldn’t decide who was right, wrong, or crazy. Each one quirks and voice, so you could easily keep up with who was around at the time.

While I liked the overall storyline, I did think it could have been a little shorter. At a little over 400 pages, there just wasn’t quite enough going on. I thought it slowed down quite a bit before the halfway point. This is the main reason why this book took me two weeks, because I just got a little bored in the middle. If you can get past that point, it’s worth it.

The ending however was quite fast paced and sudden. I didn’t expect that final chapter, although I wasn’t shocked when it happened.

The quote on the front put my expectations quite high, so if that wasn’t there, I might have actually enjoyed it more. I thought I was going to be scared throughout it and it wasn’t really like that.

If you love a mystery novel, with a hint of psychosis, this one will be right up your alley.

Thanks to Hachette for sending me this copy for review

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