Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall | Book Review


Sugar Book Review| Emma LouisaSugar is a novel about an overweight girl who lives with her overweight family and is bullied both at school and at home. Then she meets a boy… It is a coming of age type of story, where Sugar comes into her own and figures out how to take charge of her own life.

This book is so well written from start to finish. It’s full of heart wrenching moments, both joyful and terrible. The relationships Sugar has with every character are well defined. There’s no confusion about how people make her feel, which gets you to really root for her.

I didn’t expect the twists and turns this book took. I was on the verge of tears so many times and I just couldn’t believe it as it was read to me (I listened to the audiobook for a lot of this one to get to the end faster). I was driving to and from work quite a few times with my jaw dropping

Sugar as a character is amazing. You really want her to succeed and the things that happen to her feel like you’re seeing them happen to someone you know.

If you like any kind of contemporary novels and a little bit of a love and self-love story, pick this one up. You’ll love it.

Just so you know though, there are elements of rape and abuse in this book.


Thank you to Amazon Children’s Publishing for my copy of this book.


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