South On Highland by Liana Maeby | Book Review


South On Highland | This book is about a young girl who becomes addicted to drugs and the effects it has on her life. It is a truly amazing novel. It's an adventurous, gripping and fast paced read.

It really tells the story from the beginning, where she first dabbles with drugs, right to the very end of her problems with drugs. It kind of ends on a small cliffhanger where you don't know what the rest of her life will be like, but you sort of get to decide for yourself.

I liked the character development throughout the book, especially Leila's personality. I also loved that people who were around in the beginning of her story were mentioned throughout the book, wherever relevant.

It's actually based on the author's own experience with addiction, so the depth and little mentions of things add to the experience and atmosphere. I think it made it more real and raw.

It was a lot quicker of a read than I thought it would be. She really has a great writing style. I also really liked the pages of script, which broke up some of the more intense scenes.

Is this a book you think you'd pick up?

Thank you to Little A for giving me this book for review.

Emma |