Seeking Inspiration for Summer


Lately, I've been thinking about summer. I've decided I need a little inspiration. I have very little summer clothes I'm happy to wear, literally no shorts that fit, so I'm a little worried about that. On the other hand, I'm trying to look after myself better and exercise frequently, which may make me lose weight. That might mean some extra clothes will fit, but mostly that I'll feel more comfortable in whatever I wear. Obviously getting into my togs crosses my mind when I think of summer, and I wish it didn't make me so anxious. I don't plan to be fit and thinner this summer, but every little bit I can do now will also contribute to next summer.

So basically I just wanted to share some of the fashion inspiration I found. Being fit to me, is also about looking better in clothing, so this helps with that too. Plus it makes me think of all the clothes I have put aside that will fit soon.

Casual Summer Inspiration | | TheWoW Style | Hello Fashion

Dressy Summer Inspiration | Emma Louisa | |

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