Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal | Book Review


Kitchens of the Great Midwest Book Review | Emma Louisa Kitchens of the Great Midwest is a novel about a girl named Eva. It is told from the perspectives of the people around her who she effects in different ways and tells their own stories, as it somehow links with Eva.

She is quite mysterious, but is slowly pieced together by each character’s story. You get the sense of how she moves from one place to another quite frequently in that she appears and disappears from people’s lives. Each person’s narrative is interesting. Each person is so detailed and whole that it is like they are a real person, with their own personality instead of a filler. I find it intriguing that we see how Eva affects the people around her and their lives, rather than how she really feels about the situation.

I love the culinary aspects of the novel. The little recipes and menus and the descriptions of the food they eat and each person’s relationship with food was a compelling element of the book. I was looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint.

I liked how quick and easy this was to read. It took me around 24 hours. Not reading straight all day, but just picking it up for an hour or so in between everything else I had going on. It was definitely a great read for me and I’d surely recommend it.

Thanks to Hachette NZ for sending me this book for review.

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