Essano Rosehip Oil | Review


Rosehip Oil can be used for so many things. Burns, scars, dry skin and hair, sunburn and nail treatments. I personally love using it at night on my stretch mark scars I have on my stomach, hips and thighs. This oil is not too greasy or sticky and it actually smells OK. (Side note: I’ve had one that smelled like crisp grease before, not ideal.) It’s enough to make it spread and sink into my skin, without a chance of my clothes sticking to me. I still don’t think I could wear it during the day though.

The leftover residue washes off super easy the next morning and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. This is sort of a side benefit for me, since I’m mainly wanting to get rid of the scars, but it helps my skin’s elasticity which does contribute to that.

Essano Rosehip Oil | Emma Louisa

Because it sinks into my skin, I don’t have to wear fresh pyjamas every single night and it doesn’t get all over the sheets too.

Overall, it’s basically everything you could want in a rosehip oil. It‘s not pricey and you can get it at the supermarket, but since you need only a few drops it lasts ages. I definitely recommend one with a dropper, since this helps you get the perfect amount every time. It only has an open shelf life of a year though, so don’t be too frugal, or buy a bigger size than you really need.


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