St Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub | Review


St Ives Cleanser Review |  

This is my everyday cleanser. It’s the balance of salicylic acid and exfoliation that keeps my skin feeling great. My skin isn’t the best over the past six months, but this is helping my skin from feeling horrible.

I use a large dollop of it most mornings and really rub it in to exfoliate my skin. This clears any clogged pores, and freshens up my skin ready for the day.

At night, I remove my makeup using my Garnier Micellar Water, then I cleanse again using a small amount of this to just scrub off anything left behind.

The salicylic acid and exfoliant remove any dead skin, clear my pores and keep too much oil from building up. The green tea helps to soothe my skin too. I tend to get some redness on my cheeks, so this helps with that.

This helps my facial skin from getting too sore and clogged when I’m going through what has basically turned into adult acne that I’m battling off. When this sore period of skin started, I was using a different cleanser and changing back to this helped quite a bit.

If you have the kind of skin that tends to feel tight and clogged at the same time, give this a try. If salicylic acid doesn’t agree with your skin though, don’t.


What’s your essential skincare item?


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