Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb | Review


This Saturn-shaped bath bomb is a whimsical red and purple piece. It makes your bath smell amazing. It’s blackcurrant scented, so if you love berry scents, definitely pick this one up. It’s soothing, so give this one a go when you’re looking for a relaxed evening. I really enjoyed lying back with a bunch of tealight candles lit around me.

It’s also got a little bit of fine glitter, like space dust, but not enough to make you bath gritty.

Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb | Emma Louisa

This bath bomb is pretty to watch as it bubbles in the water. The bursts of blue, red and purple that sprout out of it are well worth the watch.

It might look like it’s a super pigmented bath bomb, but if you’ve got a decent sized bath, this will only make your water a blue-grey colour, so don’t expect too much. This isn’t one you’ll want to split or a second bath.

This one may seem like it's a little small, but it's worth the price for this scent. Space Girl is a relaxing little planet.

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Lush Space Girl | Emma Louisa