Hello Life! by Marcus Butler | Book Review


Hello Life Book Review | Emma Louisa Hello Life! is a part-autobiography, part-self help guide by YouTuber Marcus Butler. It covers health and fitness, relationships, friends and family crises and attempting success. It’s quite broad. I’d say any teenager or young adult could get something out of it.

It’s well-written with only a few odd sentences throughout, which sort of just make it real. Everything is well explained and thought out. Each idea and story rounds itself out and doesn’t go on too long, or end short.

The autobiographical parts help to explain things and sort of legitimise his advice. He talks about his parent’s divorce, his relationship with Niomi and his success through YouTube. If you’re kind of just keen on those bits, you should enjoy it too.

Hello Life by Marcus Butler | EmmaLouisa.com

The photography throughout the book is quite cool, both the professional and personal pictures. The personal photos also add to both the biographical parts and the advice.

It’s a quick read, so if you want to read it in an afternoon you can, or you could just flick through to the bits that appeal to you.


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Thank you to Hachette NZ for sending me this copy for review.