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Ecoya French Pear Candle Review | Emma Louisa Scented candles are my jam. I love having a couple in the apartment at any time, ready to burn. I tend to light them most often after I've just done a bunch of tidying to just freshen it up that little bit extra. But I'll also light one if I'm having a pamper evening, a bath, chilling out with a book or magazine.

Ecoya is an Australian candle brand that I've loved for years. I discovered them before university while looking for gifts for my mum for Christmas.

The Madison Jar is my favourite size. They are beautiful jars so they look awesome on a side table. This one has anĀ 80 hour burn time, which basically means they last months for me. Having a small apartment, means we can smell it if sitting near it unlit, or if I light it, I blow it out after half an hour or so.

If you don't like the sound of this large size, or want to give them a try with a smaller investment, there's smaller candles, soy melts and diffusers to choose from.

I highly recommend any of the core scents. I've also loved so many limited edition scents over the years, even considering repurchasing one I'd burnt half of, knowing it'd be gone next year.

You can basically buy them at any decent home and living store. Next time you're in one, take a big whiff. I'd also really recommend them as gifts, I'd personally appreciate that.

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Ecoya Candle Review | Emma Louisa