Dark Places by Gillian Flynn | Book and Movie Review


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn | Emma Louisa If you liked Gone Girl, this should be next on your list! I loved it. It was fast paced and mysterious and awesome.


They really aren’t the most lovable characters, each with their own flaws, but at least they’re real. They have depth and back-stories. I loved the flashbacks, especially since it showed how much they had changed over the years.


The storyline is great. It’s pieced together well, combining a few people's past and present. So many people who seemingly had nothing to do with the day her family died are involved too, so it intertwines with other people from their town too. It keeps you guessing right up until the end. You probably won’t see the ending coming, I didn’t, it was kind of a little bit hinted at, but the majority of it I didn’t suspect.


As I do with so many books these days, I listened to the audiobook through Audible.com It was great. The pacing was consistent and I liked the narrator's voice so that went down well, it was also so enjoyable that I’d come home at night and keep listening to it, when I normally only listen in the car or at the gym. I think that says a lot.


As for the film, it was alright. Like Gone Girl, the movie didn’t quite capture everything, which always disappoints me. The movie also took place later in life and over a much shorter period of time, which I‘m not sure was as believable. I’d still recommend it though, since without the contrast of the book to take away from it, it was really great too. The cast was also amazing.


If you’ve read Dark Places and Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn is coming out with a short story called The Grownup in November, so you can look forward to that.


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