Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger | Book Review


Lying Out Loud Book Review | Following in the same realm as The DUFF, Lying Out Loud is a witty and heartfelt book, with the right amount of drama and intensity.


The storyline is great. It’s a companion novel, so not a sequel, but it occurs at the same school, a year or so later. It’s heartfelt with some serious issues like abandonment, compulsive lying and impersonation.


The characters are great, with their own personalities and backstories, which are shown slowly over the course of the book.


It had a great pace, definitely no boring bits here. I liked that I could immerse myself in it for hours without it getting a little same same.


Not to give anything away, but the ending was great. I was satisfied, but it didn’t tie every detail up in a little bow, which I liked.


If you liked The DUFF, you are sure to like this one too.


Emma |




Thank you to Hachette Australia for my copy of Lying Out Loud for review. All opinions are always my own.