Gotham Academy Vol 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy | Comic Review


Gotham Academy Comic Review | EmmaLouisa.comAlthough the artwork and writing were great on this one, I think I might be a little old for it. I know it’s based in high school so I probably should’ve noticed this before, but you never know.  

This comic isn’t so in-your-face Batman either. Although that’s kind of cool, you’d want to be a real fanatic to like the connection. Maybe that will develop through the other volumes though.


I think the story was a little too fluffy for me, but maybe it’ll get more depth in the next few volumes. There was a lot of little hints there for more to come. There was some supernatural, some ghosts, a little scare tactics. I was surprised with the ending though, so that’s definitely saying something. The characters are pretty funny, and their relationships and friendships are quite cute.


I think I really would have loved this when I was a young teen, maybe 12 to 15. It just would have helped that I was the age the characters are.


I don’t think I’ll be seeking out the next few volumes of this one, but in saying that, if I see them at the library, I’d check them out.


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Thank to DC Comics for my copy of Gotham Academy for review. All opinions are my own.