Chasing Chris Campbell by Genevieve Gannon | Book Review


Chasing Chris Campbell | Emma LouisaI’ll be honest, my expectations were quite low for this book. I'm not entirely sure why, but I kind of expected it to be quite wishy-washy and a really light, typical read. I do like to go into books without expectations, but boy, was I wrong. Since this was based on a girl who has lived her whole life in Australia and has barely even left her own city, it was quite relatable. I've never been traveling overseas without my family before so I feel equally sheltered. They even mentioned the Christchurch earthquakes at one point.

There was a lot of travel in this book. And not like, staying in 5 star hotels kind of travelling. More like catching dingy trains and staying in crappy hostels and getting jobs along the way to afford it.

The love story that threads through this is cute, exciting, confusing, predictable at times, but then something is always changing throughout it. Although I kind of saw the end of that part of the story coming, it was still a nice ending.

This book made we want to get up and go on an OE. Everywhere she went, I want to go. It was all so well described, I’m assuming the author actually traveled while writing this or wrote from personal experience. The culture, the food, the transportation, the scenery, I want to experience all of it.

I liked how the protagonist wasn't watered down to seem more relatable. She had real problems, real wants and a real background.

If you're wanting a light holiday read or just want to get away, I’d recommend picking this up. It’s a super easy read, I read it in a day, so pick this up if you’ve got a few hours you want to fill.


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