Batgirl Vol 1: The Batgirl of Burnside | Comic Review


Batgirl Comic Review| Emma Louisa.comThis modern take on the DC Comics Batgirl story is awesome. The classics are great for a reason, but to read a story I already know can bore me a little, but a modern remake normally has some twists and turns.  

I thought it was great. I liked the techy parts, since that's sort of what makes the Batman and Gotham stories so interesting. and the little character quirks. Her eidetic memory is pretty cool too, plus how it’s interwoven with her normal life. It kind of makes it seem as if it’s possible.


I liked the artwork and the writing of the comic was great too. Some of the sequencing was a little odd in parts but I think it had more to do with how I was reading on a laptop than anything else, rather than a printed comic.


I’ll be keen to read the rest of this series, so I’ll be keeping tabs on this one. I kind of want to know how the modern take on this story goes.


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Thanks to DC Comics for my copy of Batgirl for review. All opinions are my own.