The Duff Book and Movie Review


The Duff Book Review | EmmaLouisa.comSometimes I really like reading a good teen fiction. They're funny and lighthearted and while they sometimes deal with a little heartbreak, you can always empathise with them since you went through a lot of the same stereotypical teen issues.  

The book dealt with a little more issues than most. Sex, divorce, friends and enemies, self esteem, peer pressure, alcoholism, the list goes on. I admired it for that. It's not normal for a book aimed at teens to actually deal with any more serious issues than maybe a little love triangle and some lying. But it's not that dark and angsty, it's still funny and ends on a high.


Since I listened to this book through Audible, I figured I'd let you know what I thought of that experience since not all books are best listened to. I liked listening to the book, I could zone out to it in my car and it made me relax a little on the way to and from work and while I cleaned and did the dishes. It also made it a lot quicker to finish, since I  listened to it over 24 hours, so I didn't have to draw it out. On the other hand though, the girl who read the book was super slow at reading. Thank goodness by iPod lets me listen at double speed.


The Duff Movie Review | EmmaLouisa.comThe movie, whilst being funny and cute and telling a decent story, didn't deal with anywhere near as many issues. The relationships were dumbed down and although they touched on divorce, it wasn't the same. She barely had any scenes with her friends which kind of made sense but was very different to the book. I guess it just didn't make me feel as much as the book did. The addition of a villian and the cyber bullying did bring an extra element to it, but I think I would have preferred the bits from the book instead. It was still a good movie, so check it out whether you are interested in reading the book or not.


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