Resistance is Futile by Jenny T Colgan | Book Review


Resistance is Futile Review |  

I like to start new books with middle expectations. I expect them to be pretty good, but not amazing. Sometime I like to read them on recommendations, but without totally knowing what it was really about.


So that's why I'm not going to give you even the slightest of spoilers. It's about a small group of amazing mathematicians who are brought together to figure out what a series of numbers means.


That's all I knew going in, and I LOVED IT! I'm not sure whether I would have loved it any less had I known more, but who wants to risk that kind of thing?!


In fact, I didn't even fully process the fact that the cover mentions the obliteration of mankind. Don't ask why because I don't know. So it might help your understanding to note it had a sci-fi element. Not a big one though, so if that's not really your thing, don't be turned off, it's not my thing either.


The only thing I regret is not having more time to read. I've been quite busy the last few weeks and I honestly would have liked to have read this in a few sittings instead of a bunch of quick bursts of reading.


It's pretty fast paced so it's not some random stuff that just drags on. There's some wit, humour and sarcasm, a little love story and some drama. The characters are all pretty cool. There's not too many of them and they all have their own little developed personalities.


Overall, I highly recommend this book. It was actually released on the 26th of May so you shouldn't have any problems getting your hands on a copy. I'm actually quite keen to hunt out some of Jenny's other books so I can read those too, so will keep you posted if I read any soon.




Thank you to Hachette NZ for sending me a copy of Resistance is Futile for review.