5 Upcoming Book Releases I'm Excited For


Lying Out Loud Book Cover

Lying Out Loud

by Kody Keplinger

To be released June 30th

I recently read The DUFF (review coming soon) and really liked it so I'm super keen to read this companion novel.  I did like the narrative and storyline of The DUFF, so hopefully this is same same but different. I think the character's stories in The DUFF were completed so I shouldn't miss them in this either.




The Girl in the Spider's Web

The Girl in the Spider's Web Book Cover

by David Lagercrantz 

To be released August 27th

This is the latest book in the Millenium series. It hasn't quite been officially said what the book will be about but judging from the cover design, it will once again follow Lisbeth Salander. There is a #ReadTheGirl read-a-thon going on at the moment to reread each of the other three books in the series, by Stieg Larsson (deceased), prior to the release date if you want to join in on that if you're super excited too.



Everything EverythingEverything Everything Book Cover

by Nicola Yoon

To be released September 1st

This one piqued my interest because is will be told from such a unique point of view. It's about a teenage girl who is allergic to everything and stays inside all the time, who gets a new young male neighbour. I've never read a book from the point of view of someone so imprisoned before so this will hopefully be super interesting.




Trigger Mortis

Trigger Mortis Book Cover

by Anthony Horowitz

To be released September 8th

This is set to be the latest 007 novel. Although it's not by the same author (Ian Fleming - deceased), it will still be pretty cool. It is set in 1957, 2 weeks after Goldfinger. I think I'll be doing a little Bond marathon before this one. I also know this will excite lots of people who haven't necessarily read the books, but watch the films.





Not if i see you first Book CoverNot If I See You First

by Eric Lindstrom

To be released December 1st

This one is a love story from the perspective of a blind girl. That's pretty much all I know, but there's quite a bit of hype around this one so I'll want to know whether it's valid. Could be good, could be great, but the preview reviews are quite positive so far.





Got any books you can't wait for?


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