Say It With Flowers


I can't think about florals being a trend without Miranda coming into my head with "Florals... for spring? Groundbreaking." But it's winter, so it counts right? I'm sure you can tell from my header that I love flowers, so when I noticed there was a larger than normal amount of floral prints on all my favourite sites, I decided I'd share my faves with you.

Say It With Flowers |

1. ASOS Paperbag Tassle Shorts with Pretty Floral Print 2. ASOS T-Shirt with High Neck in Floral Print 3. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Kimono in Botanical Digital Print 4. ASOS Strappy Open Back Maxi Dress in Oversized Floral 5. ASOS Floral Scuba Backpack  6. Closet Trouser in Floral Print 7. Mi-Pac Coin Purse in Tropical Floral Print


Just so you know, I have no affiliation with ASOS or any of the other brands linked on this post.

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