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Leave Your Mark Book Review | EmmaLouisa.com

There's normally not too many times when you're starting out in your career that you can get advice from one of the most successful people in their industry. So when they write a book, I'm going to take a look.

She gives advice on how to get your dream job, interning and getting relevant experience, your cover letter, interviews and how to get a business card. Then how to ask for a promotion or payrise, dealing with the types of people you’ll find in nearly every office, how to manage up and communicate professionally. Every tip is something that could be applied to other industries, not just fashion or PR, so if that’s not what you want to do, they still apply.

She discusses the journey of DKNY PR Girl from the idea to how they revealed the secret that it was her, how to be professional on Twitter, including some interesting stories of other people’s bad experiences and how social media damage control works, or doesn’t work since it’s so blatantly public. This section might not interest you if you aren’t big on social media, but I liked it because of how I could directly relate to it right now and not putting it aside as a thought to reflect on in a few years time when I'm up the ladder a couple of rungs.

She rounds out the book by discussing how you can be your own publicist. There’s some personal branding advice that would help any individual, brand or even bloggers.

Along the way, she gives little anecdotes about her experience working in magazine closets and in PR, both positive and negative, and sometime funny. At one point in the book when discussing speaking in front of people, she references a TEDx talk she once did.  Here it is if you want to take a look:


I think it’s a very well rounded book. By that I mean she takes you all the way through your career from the start to the point of having it all together. Like a guide, but in the least lecturing way possible. The sell I guess you could call it, is that this isn’t an advice book. It’s a sort of autobiography, but I think her publishers say it best when they say it’s a mentorship in a book. Yes, there’s advice and tips and questions to ask yourself, but she says it all. It’s not dumbed down. Aliza is funny, honest, relatable and talks about the modern industry. So as great as having a mentor you can communicate with regularly goes, this is a close second. Plus you could always tweet her one day too to ask a few questions.


Thanks to Grand Central Publishing for supplying me with the copy of Leave Your Mark for review. All opinions are my own.


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