Fourteen Winter Wardrobe Staples


I thought I would share the staple items I have to have in my wardrobe every winter. I mix them up each season with new on-trend colours, patterns and little tweaks, but they’re called classics for a reason. The Ankle Boot

1. ASOS EMPIRE Chelsea Ankle Boots 2. ASOS EXIT Peep Toe Chelsea Ankle Boots 3. ASOS ARKIN Cut Out Leather Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are my favourite winter shoe. They’re just such a classic. There are so many variations on it, heeled, flat, with cutouts, elastic, buckles, all kinds of things. Edgy or chic too, so you can really find one that suits your outfit for that day or night.


The Jean

1. New Look Tall Jeggings 2. ASOS Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans in Rio Vintage Wash With Ripped Knees 3. Element Floral Skinny Jeans Co-Ord

Probably the most know staple ever, but the jean is one that there isn’t a chance of me sporting in the heat of summer. Black, denim, patterned, ripped, boyfriend, straight, skinny, whatever. You can make them work for almost any outfit or occasion. They’re so easy to pair with any top or jumper too.


The Parka

1. ASOS Parka in Cocoon Fit with Contrast Liner 2. ASOS Summer Ultimate Parka 3. ASOS Rain Mac in Vintage Styling

A parka is a classic jacket alternative. It’s not a thick coat, but it’s enough to keep the wind and cold out. A slightly waterproof one is also really good. They look great paired with any pants or leggings and some thick boots. Loads of stores do them at the moment, in loads of colours with all kinds of detailing to suit your personal style.


4. The Jumper

1. Only Blocked Colour Jumper 2. ASOS Jumper in Structured Knit with Seam Detail 3. ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper in Nep

A jumper or sweater is the most comfy addition to any outfit in my opinion. I love to throw one on with every outfit. Pair with any dress, skirt, pants and shorts. My favourite winter outfit is any pants and a sweater. You can dress it up or down with accessories.


The Ballet Flat

1. ASOS LILY PAD Ballet Flats 2. New Look Wide Fit Kookaburra Tab Flat Slipper Shoes 3. Faith Aden Snake Effect Asymmetric Flat Shoes

Flats are basically all I can wear all day long. And although I love Vans and Converse, they’re usually too casual. Since I can’t handle a platform heel to work or anywhere I’m walking far, I’ll pair my outfit with a ballet flat.


The Tee

1. ASOS The V Neck T-Shirt 2. New Look Scallop Hem Tee 3. Oasis Cuff Stripe T-Shirt

I think a classic fit tee is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Wear with a pair of black trousers, jeans, a skirt, the blazer or cardigan. I’m loving outfits with other statement pieces and a tee to balance them out. That’s why I have so many variations in my closet.


The Black Dress

1. ASOS The T-Shirt Dress with Short Sleeve 2. Oasis Stripe 2 For Skater Dress 3. New Look Side Slit Tie Waist Midi Dress

The year round staple, but a little less little. A black dress can be worn with any shoe, any jacket or cardigan to suit pretty much any occasion. One classic black dress can change your whole wardrobe. The best thing is that you can get whatever shape suits your body best. I tend to wear tights under mine on cool days and throw a cardi, or jacket over for going outside.


The Coat

 1. River Island Geo Print Trench Coat 2. ASOS Coat With Drop Collar In Textured Wool 3. ASOS Ultimate Slim Coat

Walking from the car to work in the morning can be so cold so I love to have that one coat that I wear out of the house all the time. I find since they’re so pricey that it’s best to have one classic one that goes with basically every outfit.


The Cardigan

1. ASOS Midi Kimono in Jersey 2. River Island Waterfall Cardigan 3. ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan

 A great cardi thrown over your shoulders, with a blouse and skirt or little black dress is an easy outfit to throw together when you’ve stayed in the warmth of bed too long. A slouchy grandpa sweater is a super comfy addition on a cool night to the outfit you’ve sported all day too. These are one of my favourite pieces because when I’m in the air-conditioned office, I need it, but when I go outside and it’s warm it’s so easy to take off and throw in my bag or over my arm.


The Black Pant

1. ASOS Harem Pants in Jersey 2. ASOS Lisbon Skinny Mid Rise Ankle Grazer Jeans in Clean Black 3. ASOS TALL Crop Trousers With Clean Waistband 

We can wear black jeans and pants at work, but no denim, so these are an everyday item for me. Wear to work any day with a blouse or glam tee and flats or heels on the weekend. The thing about these is you can wear them normally or cropped and rolled up, depending on the shoe.


The Skirt

1. ASOS Pleated Midi Linen Skirt 2. New Look Sheer Stripe Midi Skirt 3. Monki Printed Tube Skirt

You can mix and match a skirt with any top to make even more outfits. It’s too cold for a mini but a midi skirt can be paired with just about anything. Plus it’s not floor length so it won’t get wet if it’s been raining. I would probably wear one every day if I owned more.


The High Heel1. New Look Sooty Heeled Sandals 2. ASOS PITCHER High Heels 3. ASOS PACEY Pointed High Heels

I like to have heels at home for special occasions. But when I wear them, I tend to be sitting most of the time. Not everyone has this problem though. I know girls who wear them every day. But some occasions you just need them for that extra glam. I’m very fond of the jelly inserts. You can basically have every type of heel under the sun, strappy, wedge, bedazzled, whatever suits your look.


The Blouse

1. ASOS Blouse 2. ASOS Soft Bright Floral Placement Print Blouse 3. New Look Sleeveless Shirt

I love wearing blouses on any day, work or weekend. To be honest, that fabric also hides some bumps I’d normally be body conscious of because it just flows over the top without clinging. Plain, coloured, long-sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless. I’m quite keen on any kind. I love contrasting a blouse with a pair of rugged pants, or a pleather skirt.


The Blazer 1. Noisy May Sweat Blazer 2. ASOS Linen Blazer 3. River Island Grid Print Blazer 

I love using a blazer to dress up any outfit, even if it’s ripped jeans and a white tee. It works wonders. Either a plain black or a coloured or patterned one, either can work for your wardrobe and you can style it whichever way suits your personal style.


What’s your favourite style staples for the colder months?




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