Workwear Wishing + Desk Drawer Essentials


I’ve been wishing my work wardrobe was on point. I'm struggling to put together outfits in the changing season and making outfits work. And wishing I had so many more pieces to work with (*wink*). And since I’m not immediately capable of achieving that, here’s some of the inspiration I’m finding, all of which are on my workwear Pinterest board if you want to take a look at that.  

Workwear 1




Thought I’d share a little sum up of my work desk drawer. These are the items I love to keep in my bag or desk drawer for just in case times. They’re all pretty standard, but the things you might always forget to stock up on at work.


Coffee (or tea)

I like to keep my own coffee in my drawer. Work provides some instant coffee and milo, but I just prefer Moccona. I also like to keep Berocca and other drink sachets in my drawer to curb cravings. My workmates have all kinds of berry and herbal teas that they share in a cupboard near us, but I’m not really a tea person.



I like to keep snack size packs of popcorn, snack bars, chocolate bars, and soup in my drawer for snack cravings. I don’t often have coins for the vending machine and can’t always be bothered or have the time to go to the dairy up the road.



There’s nothing more annoying than a mid-afternoon headache that you can’t do anything about. I like to keep at least a pack for just in case. Same goes for antihistamines and other medications you might need at work.


Hand cream

I love taking a wee break after too much typing to rub some hand cream and give myself a mini hand massage. So relaxing on a stressful afternoon. I love the Body Shop ones but any hand cream can work for the massage and break bit, even if you don’t like to over-moisturize your hands.


Lip balm

The air conditioning can dry out your skin, but your lips need treatment too. Great for topping up throughout the day.


Spare hairties and clips

It’s pretty annoying when you’re working away on something and your hair is in the way of your face.



We have an open plan office, so sometimes it’s best to pop a headphone in and listen t some uplifting beats and tune everyone else and their chatter out.


Deoderant and a perfume mini

Great for freshening up in the middle of the day if you’re worried you might be working up a sweat. Also great for in the morning if you’ve had to speed walk to get to work on time.



The same kind of thing, but for your breath. Super helpful for after lunch meetings too.


Sanitary items

Just in case, ya know.


This was just a fun post to get back into the swing of it. Had loads going on recently so although I’ve been working on some posts for you, they aren’t ready to share yet. Do you have a favourite thing that must be in your work drawer?