Skinfood Facial Wipes Review


Skinfood Facial Wipes Review

I try not to use makeup wipes as a makeup remover on a daily basis, but on nights when I’ve been out and just want to go to bed right this second, I’ll remove it with a wipe. I keep these by my bed, but sometimes like to use moisturiser after too, especially if I’ve been drinking since I’ll be dehydrated in the morning. These are the difference between me breaking out after a night out and keeping my skin normal.

They are soft on my skin and eye area, which is great because I am allergic to a few cleansing products. It’s also quite moisturising. I think this is because the wipe is so wet that it’s not pulling all the moisture from your skin. I find they remove everything including eye makeup, just not mascara, which I’ll remove before I shower the next morning. A little tip though to keep your wipes wet is to store them upside down so that the top wipe is always moist.

You can find these wipes at Countdown if you want to give them a try.

Any makeup removing products you’d recommend?