Review | Elizabeth Arden Clear The Way Mask


Elizabeth Arden Clear The Way Mask

This is the mask I pull out when my skin is feeling oily and clogged. I am so glad I picked this up in an importers clearance sale for about $8 because it’s just so good. It pulls all the oil out of your skin as it dries, and gives a great exfoliation when you put it on and wipe it off. It’s the right amount of goodness, so you don’t break out afterwards, but it tones your skin up and clears your pores.

As always, I’d recommend moisturizing afterwards to teach your skin you don’t need that oil, but it’s not too drying of a mask either. It does leave a bit of a gritty residue on the skin, but if you wash it off in the shower, there’s no problem.

It’s basically everything I like in a mask, with a fresh feeling after you’ve cleaned it off. I’d definitely recommend this one if you spot it in your local store.


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