The Test: This Works Deep Sleep Range



This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray + This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less

When I get a little stressed, I don’t fall asleep so easily. And when I’m tired, I get stressed. A vicious cycle.

I’d heard of the This Works sleep range for so long, and had eyed it up so many times, both online and then after finding it in Mecca Cosmetica in Auckland. I finally bit the bullet one day when I received a $50 off code for my ASOS purchase and decided I’d essentially get it for free. I was skeptical as to how it would well it would work since it’s been quite hyped up. But those oils. They smell so nice and relaxing.

I have noticed that when I didn’t use it one night, that I didn’t sleep as peacefully. Which to me says a lot. My boyfriend has also noticed the effects of it fro just being near it, it especially if I’ve used the spray since it mists over his side of the bed a little too.

Combined, it’s a little much. I did try them the first few nights but there was a little too much overpowering scent in the air. I think I’m wasting product, so will use the oil some nights, when I am having my arms out from under the covers, nearer my nose, and the pillow spray on snuggly nights. They work well enough separately that I don’t need quite that much product and I’m not about to waste it. If you were having more trouble sleeping than me, then maybe try both together.

Do you use a product to help you sleep?