The Great Gatsby Movie Review


Yesterday, I saw The Great Gatsby in 2D. If you aren’t familiar with the story, it is narrated from the point of view of Nick Carraway, the neighbour of Jay Gatsby, and tells a tale of a man who throws the city’s best parties but who no one knows anything about. If the details tend to bore you, just know that I highly recommend it, but it’s not a film that has a happy ending and that allows you to leave the cinema with a overjoyed, almost comedic feeling.


I liked the way the story was told. It was true to the book, and weaved the same tale, with a few tweaks here and there. Like the book though, it was a little slow in parts, but the momentum was mostly kept constant. The imagery was a little over the top, because it wasn’t very subtle. I usually like imagery that takes me a few views of the movie to spot. It makes me feel like the


I liked the awkward pauses throughout the film. In the book, there are so many awkward conversations and this was shown really well in the film. It kept the themes of materialism and societal influence more in focus.


I liked the way every single character was portayed, although the butler’s personality was hard to pinpoint. Every character was true throughout the whole film, and the acting was on point. This might just be the film that gets Leonardo Di Caprio that Oscar, since he was able to show so much range. Every character was integrated the perfect amount and screen time was allotted perfectly, with the more mysterious characters remaining that way because you never got enough time to decipher them.

The Great Gatsby Movie Review |
The Great Gatsby Movie Review |


I’m sure if you’ve heard about the movie, you’ve heard that the soundtrack of it is mostly rap and hip-hop. Although there is a couple of remixes, most of the songs are straight from the album. They fit in well, with the characters dancing in 30’s style, but to the modern music. I also liked that the main song, Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful, was used throughout the film, as a subtle background song to elude to what is to come, as a focal song at the main point, and later in the background again as things begin to fall apart.

Fashion and Make Up

The clothing of the film was perfect. I couldn’t fault it if I tried. It was the right amount of style of the time period to point it out, but also enough that it was flexible between the different societal classes. This made it possible to tell between the various wives and mistresses, the staff and the guests. The makeup was also well done, making the difference between the residents of West Egg different to those of East Egg, and the town in between West Egg and New York City. I liked that the mistresses and lower class women had over done make up, whereas Daisy Buchanan’s was simple, and classy. It really represented each characters’ personality.

I recommend this movie, and give it 4.9 stars. The only thing that wasn’t perfectly done, was the flow. However intentional it was, the two and a half hour length of the movie was a little much. Still, it’s a must see movie. I also recommend the book. If you can, read the book first.

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